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Building process for every website begins with a Domain Name. Think of a domain name as your street address. If you had no street address you wouldn't be able to build a house and even if you could nobody would be able to find you. Quantum web offers all our clients one year free domain name registration and after one year we can keep your domain registration for a fee.
We always assist our clients with the Domain Name selection and get the perfect Domain for their business.
A web hosting is a service that allows your website to be accessible on World Wide Web. Web server is a machine that stores and serves your website files thru HTTP(S) protocol to your potential clients. Quantum Web offers one year free hosting for all our clients and after one year we can continue to host your website for a fee. As long as your website is hosted on our servers, we perform regular backups of all your files. All our web hosting machines run Linux OS and Apache web server, making them the most secure and fastest servers on the market.
Every Company needs a professionally looking email. Quantum Web offers all our clients free setup and one year hosting of up to 10 emails like
Depending on your Business needs Quantum Web offers 3 different approaches to Web Design and Development.
If you are the owner of a small business and you need a simple 5 to 10 pages website that has a Content that doesn't need to be updated or changed constantly, the best solution would be a Custom Coded HTML Website. You wouldn't require any kind of CMS ( Content Management System ) as we would build as many static pages as your business require, and if at some point you decide to update or change something, we would do this for you for a fee. This is usually the most economical solution and also custom coded Websites are extremely fast, delivering your Clients best User experience.
On the other hand, if you are planing to constantly change content on your website, you probably need some kind of CMS ( Content Management System ). Quantum Web uses Wordpress as a development platform for websites needing CMS. Wordpress is the world's most popular CMS currently running over 60 million websites world wide. Great thing about Wordpress is that you can change any content on your website yourself without anyone's help. However, this comes with a price. Wordpress sites are generally slower than Custom HTML websites, and the Wordpress Back-End is not that simple to understand and use.
This is why Quantum Web offer a third option which is a Custom CMS. Our Custom CMS combines a power of Wordpress with a simplicity and speed of Custom Coded HTML Website. We create a custom tailored Website with a matching Back-End that is extremely powerful and easy to use.
Our small, hand picked team has years of coding experience as well as extensive knowledge in the fields like Graphics Design, IT, Front End , Back End and Full Stack Web Development.
In short we are all Geeks that live and breathe Websites.
It wouldn't have much sense to build a website that no one can find. In today's competitive market it is important that the websites are coded following the guidelines outlined by Google and other Search Engines. Quantum Web codes all websites following those guidelines and using only White-Hat SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques, making sure that your website has the best chance to be indexed and shown in Search Engine Results. We find Keywords relevant to your Business Niche and include them in page titles, image ALT's, Web Page content and other relevant areas in your website, making sure that Search Engines like Google index and show your website in Search Results.
If you require a more aggressive presence in Google Results, we offer a Google Adwords Campaigns. Google Adwords are Adds that appear on Google Search results before any non paid results. We research relevant Keywords and Locations for which you want your Business to rank, and create a campaign that promotes your business.

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